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Your Invisalign® dentist can provide you with an innovative way to straighten teeth and correct other orthodontic problems. Traditional braces used to be the only way to achieve a better-looking smile. Advancements in 3D dental technology have made clear aligners a gentler way to achieve healthier teeth. Your cosmetic dentist can help determine if you are a good candidate for this orthodontic treatment.

Clear aligners can treat mild to moderate dental issues. You will need discipline and dedication in wearing them. These are important in completing this orthodontic therapy. After all, the bulk of the effort will be in your hands.

You can contact our clinic if you want to proceed with your teeth straightening by using clear aligners.

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The first consultation

You need to see your dentist and talk about your dental issues. Your Invisalign dentist will discuss the treatment. This will be your chance to ask about anything relevant to the treatment. Your dentist will provide you with videos and even a software projection of what the results could be for your case.

Dental X-rays and 3D scans

An Invisalign dentist will give you custom-fit aligners by using 3D scans and dental X-rays. These imaging tests map out the dimensions of your teeth, gums, and face. The scans can even show the dentist how your mouth moves. Some dentists use a cephalometric X-ray. This imaging test can show your dentist how your cheekbone and jawbone work together. The relationship shows how the teeth should be aligned.


You have your own set of teeth. Some of them may need composite patches that can help the aligners grip better on each of those teeth. Your Invisalign dentist will remove these patches when your treatment ends. An interproximal reduction may also be necessary for creating extra space between crowded teeth. Your dentist may use small sanding discs to remove some of the enamel and free the teeth for better movement during the treatment.

First Invisalign fitting

Your dentist will need to check your teeth and gums for any sign of decay, plaque, or tartar. Your aligners will feel tight around your dental arches. Your cosmetic dentist will review the fit. Trying different molds may be necessary. Your dentist will ask you how each tray feels. Telling your dentist if the aligners are uncomfortable or unstable can help.

The aligners will feel different in your mouth. You should feel the tightness without pain. This will signal the effectiveness of the aligners. Telling your dentist if you feel distressed during your first fitting is important. This means that your aligners will need some adjustments.

Anticipating changes in the mouth

There will be changes in your mouth once you start wearing your aligners. These are normal when going through orthodontic treatment. Your teeth will start aching as the aligners move them into position. The discomfort will stop a few days after you change your trays.

In some cases, patients feel some dental sensitivity. This should fade after a short while. Using anti-sensitivity toothpaste brands can help end the discomfort. Avoiding hot or cold drinks or food can help as well.

You may also notice a change in your speech during the first few weeks of the treatment. This is because of the aligners that occupy some space in your mouth. Your tongue may not have enough room to move around. This will disappear as you get used to your aligners. Wearing them for 20-22 hours can help you adjust to them more quickly.

Sticking to changing schedules

You will need to change your aligners every one or two weeks. Your changing schedule will depend on your Invisalign dentist’s decision. Some teeth are easy to move. Your dentist will need to extend your treatment period if your teeth do not move into position on time.

Each aligner is designed to be the next stage in moving your teeth. Every tray change will make your teeth move towards the planned position. You will not need to see your dentist each time you change your aligners. Even so, you will still need regular dental checks. This will allow your Invisalign dentist to see the progress of your teeth.

Factors affecting the treatment period

Some patients achieve their smile goals in six months. Others may take two years or so. Each individual is different. Several factors affect the effectiveness of Invisalign. Below are some of them:

  • The type of occlusion can affect the treatment period. You are a good candidate for this dental straightening system if you have mild to moderate dental crowding and bite problems. You can also qualify if you have dental gaps. Your dentist will give you a good estimate for your case.
  • A person’s age is an important factor for Invisalign. Teens tend to have shorter treatment periods. Younger teeth move easier into place. Adult teeth often take longer to straighten using Invisalign aligners.
  • Compliance is a factor as well. The way you follow instructions can also affect your treatment period. Each aligner is meant to move one tooth at a time. Changing trays on time will allow the movement of the target teeth to happen smoothly. The treatment will take longer if you do not follow what your Invisalign dentist says.

Ideal candidates

Any teen or adult can have clear aligners to correct dental issues like dental misalignment. Teens can achieve better oral health while maintaining their self-esteem. For teens, the way you look is an important aspect of making friends and succeeding in school. Clear aligners can help them have a good-looking smile while keeping it discreet.

Adults can have corrective orthodontic treatment. Having the treatment while working, doing errands, and socializing is possible with clear aligners. Adults appreciate the flexibility they achieve with this type of teeth straightening treatment. Achieving relationship and career goals is easier without having metal braces.

Both teens and adults can enjoy this type of low-key teeth straightening. Traditional braces tend to attract negative attention. Clear aligners can spare them criticisms or even possible bullying. These dental appliances can improve a person’s dental health and overall looks by the end of the treatment.

Working with your Invisalign dentist can help you achieve your smile goals

This orthodontic treatment is not for everyone. That is why Invisalign dentists need to evaluate each patient carefully. An individual can only get these aligners if there are no problems with the back teeth. Invisalign is an innovative dental alignment system. Seeing your dentist today can start your discreet journey to healthier, better-looking teeth.

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