Why You Should Choose Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction Grand Blanc, MI

Full mouth reconstruction is ideal for patients with multiple issues with their teeth or periodontal health. There are many benefits of full mouth reconstruction, and the process is typically not as invasive or expensive as many anticipate initially. This review discusses the reasons to consider full mouth reconstruction.

Reasons to consider full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction offers oral health, cosmetic, and functional benefits for patients who have damaged teeth and gums. It can help restore a patient’s smile to an ideal level, and the results typically last for well beyond a decade. While every patient is unique, the following are some of the more common reasons full mouth reconstruction is recommended. 

Restore your oral health long-term

The primary purpose of full mouth reconstruction is typical to restore the patient’s oral health long-term. Teeth, gums, and the jawbone can become damaged over time as a result of an infrequent oral care routine, diets that contribute to early teeth and periodontal damage, and not visiting the dentist often enough for a check-up. Dental trauma can also lead to oral health concerns as well. In any case, full mouth reconstruction is a great way to address multiple oral health concerns in a single treatment plan. 

Improve the way your smile looks

There are also cosmetic benefits of full mouth reconstruction. Of course, most instances of teeth damage affect the quality of the patient’s smile as well. Cosmetic issues such as severe teeth stains, chips, cracks, worn-down teeth from grinding, and much more can be addressed in a full mouth reconstruction treatment plan. 

Increase your daily level of confidence

Many patients also report feeling much more confident daily when they are able to show off a bright and beautiful smile. The fact is feeling confident in your smile can help your overall confidence level, giving you extra motivation to pursue the things you love to do in life without feeling insecure about how you look. 

Address pain while chewing and other functional concerns

Issues with teeth and gums can cause functional issues, such as difficulty chewing. This makes eating difficult and painful. Full mouth reconstruction can address this concern by addressing the root cause of the pain and inability to chew properly and allowing the patient to once again eat as they desire. 

Reduce the risk of general health concerns

In some instances, poor oral health precedes general health issues. For example, an untreated oral infection has the potential to spread to other parts of the body. Subsequently, full mouth reconstruction can often reduce the risk of general health issues as well as improve oral health and appearance. 

Get in touch with our dental team to learn more about treatment

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