Why a Dental Check-Up Is the Best Choice For Your Dental Health

Dental Checkup Grand Blanc, MI

A dental check-up gives your dentist a chance to perform preventative treatments that help keep your teeth healthy. It also provides a chance for the dentist to detect any developing problems and perform appropriate treatments. A dental check-up is not only about your dental health. Dentists also use the appointment to screen for issues like oral cancer and abnormalities in the head and neck.

The importance of getting a dental check-up twice a year

Regular visits to a dentist are the most important thing when it comes to keeping your mouth and body healthy. Many health issues like diabetes and heart disease have been linked to dental issues like gum disease. Here are some of the treatments that are performed during these routine check-ups and why they are important:

1. Teeth cleaning

A teeth cleaning is typically performed whenever a patient comes in for a checkup. It involves removing tartar, which is calcified plaque, from teeth surfaces. Plaque is formed by oral bacteria and contains acids that damage teeth, which hardens when left on teeth. Plaque can be removed with brushing and flossing, but tartar is trickier to get rid of. It has to be scraped up with a metal tool called a scaler.

Teeth cleanings also include professional flossing performed by the dentist. The patient’s teeth are also polished to give them a nice shine. Getting regular teeth cleanings goes a long way when it comes to preventing tooth decay and gum disease. It also improves the way teeth look since tartar makes them appear yellow and stained.

2. Examination

Dental check-ups also serve as an opportunity for the dentist to examine the patient’s mouth, neck, and head. It typically starts with a visual examination and the dentist might probe with their hands, looking for lumps or any abnormalities.

Diagnostic tests like radiographs and x-rays might also be performed during the examination if the dentist’s findings warrant them. Samples of abnormal tissues might also be taken and sent to a lab for further examination.

Getting regular examinations leads to any developing dental issues being detected early on. It makes it possible for the patient to get the treatments they need before they have to deal with pain or discomfort caused by their dental problems. Early detection is particularly important when it comes to oral cancer detection since it significantly affects the patient’s prognosis.

3. Preventative treatments

Routine check-ups also give dentists a chance to perform preventative treatments as needed. For example, if a patient’s teeth are vulnerable to tooth decay, the dentist might recommend a fluoride treatment or dental sealants.

4. Treatments

Dental appointments also provide an opportunity to address any cosmetic or therapeutic issues the patient has. The patient gets to restore the appearance and function of any damaged teeth.

Get your teeth and gums examined

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