When Is Denture Repair Recommended?

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Looking for information on denture repair? This review discusses when a dentist may recommend denture repair instead of dentures replacement. Denture repair is a great way to fix minor concerns with dentures and avoid having to replace them, which can save the patient money and reduce the time they are without their dentures.

Signs that indicate denture repair may be necessary

The most common signs that indicate a need for denture repair are aging, early damage to the dentures, an uncomfortable fit, stains, and an inability to function properly. The good news is that many of these concerns can be easily resolved, although more severe concerns may require denture replacement. Read on to learn some of the common indicators that dentures may need to be repaired.

The dentures start to show signs of aging

Dentures that are too old require replacement. However, your dentist may recommend denture repair if they are still in good condition despite their age. Most dentures last between five and seven years, although some patients can extend their dentures to 10 years with proper care and denture repair. Once dentures become five years or older, it is time to visit the dentist to determine whether denture repair or denture replacement is necessary.

The dentures become damaged

Damage is one of the most common reasons denture repair is necessary. Dentures are relatively durable, but they are vulnerable to damage when excess pressure is placed on them, they are dropped, or the patient experiences a blow to the face. The most common forms of damage that lead to a need for denture repair are chips, cracks, dents, and scrapes.

The patient has issues with the comfort of the dentures

If dentures begin to feel uncomfortable or cause soreness or gum swelling, then it may be time for denture repair or replacement. Dentures that fit properly and are not damaged or dirty should feel comfortable and not cause any discomfort.

The dentures are dirty or stained

Dentures can also be vulnerable to stains or develop a foul odor, particularly if they are not cared for properly, the patient eats pungent foods, or the patient does not keep a consistent oral care routine that involves brushing and cleaning the dentures. The good news is this issue is often easily addressed and fixed with denture repair from a dentist.

Daily functions become a challenge for the patient

The main purpose of dentures for many patients is the ability to function normally each day, particularly as it relates to eating and speaking. If these daily mouth functions become more of a challenge for the patient, then they should visit the dentist to determine if the dentures need to be repaired or replaced.

Are your dentures currently in need of repair?

If you have any issues with your dentures such as damage, age, or comfort, then give us a call or send us a message to schedule a time to come in for a consultation. We offer denture repair and work efficiently to ensure you are not without your dentures for any extended amount of time.

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