What to Know About Invisalign for Teens

Invisalign For Teens Grand Blanc, MI

Invisalign® for teens can improve the way your teen speaks, eats, and smiles. It is a more comfortable alternative to traditional braces. Teens can feel good about this orthodontic treatment. Self-image is important to teens. Knowing what you can about Invisalign can help your teen follow instructions. If you want to know the important facts about Invisalign for teens, here are the details.

Should be a daily treatment

The Invisalign for teens treatment involves the use of clear, custom-fit aligners every day. The teen must wear them for 20-22 hours. Removing the aligners is necessary for eating, playing contact sports, and practicing oral dental care. The cosmetic dentist will teach the teenager how to snap on and remove the aligners. This will be second nature as the treatment progresses.

There is a blue indicator dot on each aligner. This will signal the teen to change the aligner every one or two weeks. Parents can check for the blue dot. If this fades, it is time for a new tray. This is an efficient way to keep the alignment on schedule.


Teens appreciate the fact that these clear aligners are almost invisible. This feature makes Invisalign for teens an attractive option. Teenagers want to correct orthodontic problems without metal brackets and wires. Smiling, eating, and speaking will not be a problem for teens who qualify for Invisalign.

Easy to manage

Most teenagers participate in contact sports and other physical extracurricular activities. The aligners are removable. The patient can remove the aligners before the game and then snap them back on after. Dental care and aligner maintenance are easy to do as well. The patient can perform dental care practices without working through wires and brackets. Cleaning the aligners is easy as well since these devices are removable.

Makes eating enjoyable

The removable feature of Invisalign for teens allows teenagers to enjoy food. There are no diet restrictions in this orthodontic treatment. The patient can eat anything as long as the aligners and the teeth are clean before snapping the aligners back on. This is an advantage for teens who do not want to miss out on their favorite foods.

Can solve many orthodontic issues

The dentist will perform a thorough evaluation before the treatment starts. This will determine if Invisalign for teens is suitable for the patient’s case. Clear aligners exert gentle, gradual force on specific teeth. It can treat mild to moderate orthodontic issues, such as dental gaps and crooked teeth. The dentist will recommend traditional braces to those with severe orthodontic problems.

Less intrusive

Teens do not like traditional braces because of the sharp metal brackets and wires. These components cause scratches, cuts, and punctures. Pain and embarrassment can prevent teens to be themselves, especially around people. Invisalign for teens does not have metal brackets and wires. Teens may experience tightness when changing aligners, but this will pass. It will not cause blisters or open wounds.

Understanding Invisalign for teens can help you and your teen prepare well for the treatment

Your teen does not need to endure traditional braces for orthodontic issues anymore. Invisalign for teens can provide a more pleasant dental alignment experience. It can allow your teen to be more productive and outgoing during dental straightening. Working with your dentist can help maintain the results long after the orthodontic treatment.

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