What Happens After Invisalign for Teens Orthodontic Treatment

Invisalign For Teens Grand Blanc, MI

Going through Invisalign® for teens may take some time, but the results will be worth it. Each aligner pushes specific teeth toward new positions. The improvement results in better appearance and painless dental functions. Once the alignment is over, your teen still needs to maintain the results. If you want to know what happens after getting Invisalign for teens, here are the details.

Once Invisalign for teens is complete

Some teens stop wearing clear aligners once their teeth look straight. This is a huge mistake. A degree of crookedness is not obvious to the untrained eye. The dentist can catch this. Wearing the aligners should continue until the cosmetic dentist approves the treatment’s completion. Interrupting the treatment will only result in the development of dental problems.

After a traditional orthodontic treatment, the dentist will need to schedule the removal of the brackets and wires. This can take some time because the dentist will need to remove the dental glue. Completing Invisalign for teens will signal the patient to stop wearing the aligners. Here, the patient will stop wearing the aligners. The dentist will remove some aligner-securing resin from the mouth. The next stage is wearing the custom retainers.

The results

Completing the Invisalign for teens treatment will free the teen’s mouth from the clear aligners. By this time, the patient’s teeth are straight without any dental gaps. Other dental problems, such as crowding, will not be present anymore. This will enable the teen to feel more at peace when smiling, eating, and speaking. Any feeling of awkwardness will disappear.

Wearing a retainer

Invisalign for teens will need a post-aligner treatment. This will involve wearing custom-fit retainers. This dental appliance will hold the corrected position of each tooth. Teens often dislike the concept of wearing retainers. For some, the experience would be obstructive when it comes to eating, speaking, and drinking. Even so, this is a necessary stage.

The clear aligner treatment disturbs the stability of the jawbone as it forces the teeth into new positions. Wearing retainers will help the jawbone harden in place. The jawbone will heal while wearing these dental appliances. Teens can choose to wear clear retainers if self-image is going to be an issue.

The teen should wear retainers for about 22-23 hours each day. Removing it for eating, flossing, and brushing is allowable. This is important during the first six months after Invisalign for teens. Nighttime wearing will follow and last for six to nine months. The teen could then move to wear the retainers a few times each week during bedtime. Continuing this for the rest of the teen’s life will maintain aligned teeth.

Wearing retainers after Invisalign for teens can help maintain your teen’s straightened teeth

Invisalign can take months to work. This treatment period should not go to waste. Wearing retainers can lock in the results from an Invisalign for teens treatment. Your teen must understand the importance of this stage. Working with the dentist can provide the encouragement that your teen needs after the clear aligner treatment.

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