Six Month Smiles: Clear Braces or Aligner Treatment Options

Six Month Smiles Grand Blanc, MI

Getting Six Month Smiles® is a quick method to align your teeth and correct other dental problems. Most people do not have the time and resources to have orthodontic treatment for more than nine months. Hectic schedules and lifestyles are common reasons for wanting a faster orthodontic treatment. If you want to know about Six Month Smiles treatment options, here are the details.

Clear aligners

Aligners are welcome Six Month Smiles alternatives to traditional braces. These dental appliances are becoming more popular. Wearing them is a discreet way to correct dental problems. Patients like the transparent and gentle aligners. An individual can smile and talk without other people seeing the treatment.

The removable aligners allow the patient to eat, drink, and perform daily oral care easily. This type of dental alignment does not demand many dental appointments. The dental appointments are shorter when the patient comes in. The treatment period is shorter as well.

Clear aligners can only help patients with mild to moderate bite problems. These aligners can also close up mild dental gaps or open bites. There are limitations to this type of Six Month Smiles treatment. The dentist can explain them further when the patient comes in for a consultation. More complicated cases will need traditional braces or a combination of clear aligners and lingual braces.

Ceramic braces

These Six Month Smiles devices have tooth-colored and clear components. The brackets are less visible than the metal ones. These braces are for patients with severe orthodontic problems who want a discreet dental correction. Ideal candidates are responsible and dedicated adults and adolescents.

Ceramic braces are a little larger than metal braces. These dental straightening devices can easily stain. Dental cleaning habits and checkups must happen more often. This prevents staining and damage.

Self-litigating braces

This type of Six Month Smiles treatment is available in ceramic or metal. The system relies on a wire and brackets. Self-litigating braces use clips or doors to hold the wires in place instead of elastics. These braces result in shorter dental checkups because the adjustments are easier to make.

Self-litigating braces are for patients who cannot sit in the treatment chair for hours. It is also for patients who have developmental disorders. Patients with sensitivity to discomfort can benefit from this Six Month Smiles treatment. Busy people can save more time with this orthodontic treatment as well.

Lingual braces

These Six Month Smiles devices stay behind the patient’s teeth. These are the least common dental alignment system available. Dentists need separate training for this system. The dentist must practice the skill of attaching and adjusting lingual braces.

The brackets for this dental alignment system are not visible at all. Patients with severe orthodontic issues can have this treatment without worrying about brackets. Those who have these braces often experience tongue irritation and speech changes. These symptoms often pass weeks after the treatment starts, when the patient gets used to the braces.

Six Month Smiles can give you straighter, healthier teeth in a shorter period

Misaligned teeth can cause a series of dental health problems. These could result in many dental issues down the line. Six Month Smiles can help you resolve these issues in just an average of six months. Working with your cosmetic dentist can make your treatment easier.

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