Reasons to Consider Snap-on Smile

Snap On Smile Grand Blanc, MI

Snap-on Smile® is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment solution that can cover imperfections in your smile and provide you with a more attractive and confident look. There is no drilling, removing dental enamel, or any other invasive steps involved with Snap-on Smile treatment.

How a Snap-on Smile can improve your look

A Snap-on Smile can improve your look by covering teeth stains, addressing teeth misalignments, filling in gaps between teeth, and correcting an uneven smile. Snap-on Smile looks natural and is perfect for special occasions, such as weddings, job interviews, and more. 

Cover teeth stains

One of the more common reasons dentists recommend Snap-on Smile to patients is to cover moderate to severe teeth stains. While minor stains can be treated with professional, in-office teeth whitening or alternative whitening solutions, Snap-on Smile is often a more appropriate solution for more severe stains that cannot be adequately brightened with a whitening procedure. 

Address mild misalignments

If teeth appear slightly crooked or overcrowded, then Snap-on Smile may be able to help. Snap-on Smile can cover some of the imperfections that are caused by mild teeth misalignments. However, they are not ideal if the misalignment is more severe or for jaw misalignments

Fill in gaps between teeth

Gaps between teeth are a common concern for many patients. It generally does not cause an oral health or functional concerns, but many feel more insecure when they have gaps between teeth. Snap-on Smile fills in these extra gaps seamlessly, providing the patient with a beautiful and complete set of teeth. Therefore, anyone who is not happy with their smile due to healthy gaps should consider Snap-on Smile. 

Address missing teeth

When teeth are missing, it creates a cosmetic concern. Larger gaps between teeth that are caused by missing teeth can possibly be resolved with a Snap-on Smile. Snap-on Smile may work for impacted teeth as well, although some dentists may recommend alternative treatment solutions if the issue causes an oral health concern. 

Correct an uneven smile

Teeth that are too short or naturally uneven can also cause a cosmetic concern that can be fixed with a Snap-on Smile. This provides the patient with a more symmetric set of teeth that is more attractive to others. Many patients feel more confident with an even smile with Snap-on Smile. 

When Snap-on Smile is not an option

Oral health concerns cannot be adequately treated with Snap-on Smile. This includes cavities, periodontal disease, and damaged teeth (chips, cracks, etc.). Also, more severe cosmetic concerns such as severe misalignments and severely crooked teeth may require orthodontic care. Jaw misalignments cannot be treated with Snap-on Smile either. 

Talk to our team today to find out if Snap-on Smile is right for you

We encourage you to reach out to us today if you are interested in improving your smile and confidence with Snap-on Smile. Our professional team has experience with the Snap-on Smile treatment process, and we can assist you through the treatment process, ensuring you love your new smile each day.

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