Is an Invisalign Dentist Right for You?

Invisalign Dentist Grand Blanc, MI

An experienced Invisalign® dentist can help you go through your dental alignment. This dental health provider has the knowledge, training, and experience when it comes to Invisalign. It may take up to seven months to wear the aligners. Wearing them correctly can help you reach your smile goals right away. If you want to know if an Invisalign dentist is right for you, here are the details.

The patient has the right age

An orthodontic patient will need an Invisalign dentist to handle this type of orthodontic treatment. Belonging to the right age group can help the dentist determine if the patient will be capable of following instructions from the treatment plan. Adults and teens are ideal candidates for Invisalign. These patients are already capable of being responsible for handling and maintaining clear aligners.

The jawbone does not stop developing until an individual reaches early adulthood. Even so, Invisalign does not affect the jawbone that much. A teen can qualify for the treatment. Aligning their teeth is easier since the jawbone is still developing.

The clear aligners even provide a discreet way to straighten teeth. That is why an Invisalign dentist is beneficial to teens and adults. These patients will not be bothered by negative attention at all with the clear trays. Other people will not notice the aligners even as the patient talks or smiles. Participating in photographs will not be a problem anymore with the help of an Invisalign dentist.

The patient has a disappointing experience in a previous orthodontic treatment

Some people do not always get the right orthodontic treatment the first time. Wearing traditional braces may have happened while the patient was still a child. The patient may have been too young to remember wearing retainers back then. The adult patient can seek the abilities of an Invisalign dentist. Doing so can help correct the orthodontic issues that resurfaced because of not wearing retainers.

The patient does not need severe jaw correction

An Invisalign dentist cannot help if the patient has a severe jaw problem. Invisalign is only for mild to moderate orthodontic problems. It does not have brackets and ligatures for elastics. In some cases, the treatment needs to shift the jaw on either side, backward, or forward.

Invisalign involves gradual changes in pressure from each new aligner. Each new aligner must stay on for one to two weeks. Changing the aligners depends on the patient’s treatment plan. Removing the trays should only be during oral care practices, eating, and playing contact sports. Wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours every day will maximize the treatment. The patient could wear them for up to a year.

One Invisalign dentist is different from another

Each Invisalign provider will always use the same tools and technology. Experience is what sets them apart. An Invisalign dentist with more patients or a larger practice will provide the patient with a better dental alignment. It can help if the patient asks the Invisalign dentist about how successful the treatments have been. Asking how many cases the dentist has handled before can also give the patient peace of mind.

An Invisalign dentist is the right dental professional to provide your clear aligner treatment

Getting an Invisalign treatment from an Invisalign dentist will be an advantage. The knowledge, skills, and experience of this dental professional can help you have a smooth treatment. It is wise to screen the dentists you have on your shortlist. Working with your cosmetic dentist can help catch problems and correct them as soon as possible during the Invisalign treatment.

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