Invisalign for Teens to Treat Overbite

Invisalign For Teens Grand Blanc, MI

Invisalign® for teens can treat overbite problems as it aligns teeth. Bite problems can lead to jaw issues. These orthodontic issues can cause pain and discomfort. Wearing clear aligners can help improve the situation. If you want to know how Invisalign for teens can correct overbites, here are the details.

Invisalign for teens and bite problems

This orthodontic treatment can provide comfort to teens suffering from bite issues. It can correct issues without causing discomfort. This dental straightening method does not use metal wires and brackets. Instead, it uses smooth, custom-fit clear aligners.

The gentle force of these aligners is capable of aligning jaws and teeth. This treatment is effective for mild to moderate bite issues. Traditional braces use elastics, wires, and brackets to force teeth to align. Changing Invisalign for teens on time can lead to straightened teeth and a better bite.

Fixing overbites with Invisalign for teens

Teens can manage without mandibular advancement devices in correcting overbites. The cosmetic dentist can use elastics with Invisalign for teens. These elastics can move a person’s bottom teeth toward their correct positions. At the same time, these elastics pull the top teeth to correct a person’s bite.

Elastics are motion appliances. They are the handy solutions for treating overbites. The dentist places these elastics on the upper teeth. The patient will need to wear them with Invisalign for teens for a specific treatment period. This will help reduce the severity of the overbite while straightening the teeth in the lower dental arch.

How Invisalign for teens treats overbites

Teens like the lack of hard, bulky, and sharp dental appliances. Clear aligners do not have these components. The trays are less visible in the mouth than traditional braces. Patients experience comfort and more self-esteem when using these devices.

The patient should wear these aligners for about 20-22 hours every day. Patients should change them every one to two weeks. The dentist increases the level of tightness in teeth. The pressure on the teeth increases as the patient continues to change the aligners. The teeth will move into place. Invisalign for teens will treat the overbite over time.

The length of treatment

A teen’s treatment period depends on the severity of the overbite, dental health, and level of work to align the teeth. Invisalign for teens needs time to do its work. Patients may need to wear the trays for up to two years in some cases. Taking the aligners off for at least two hours each day can extend the treatment period.

The teen must only take the trays off for teeth cleaning and meals. Wearing it overnight is also necessary. The patient should maintain the results by wearing retainers. These devices will keep the teeth in their right positions. Retainers help the jawbone recover after the aligner treatment. Teeth may go back to their incorrect positions without retainers.

Age is a contributing factor

Younger patients still have growing jawbones. The young jawbones realign and move faster than adult jawbones. This can happen with aligners and braces. Adults and teens can still get Invisalign for teens for correcting overbites. This process may take longer for them.

Invisalign for teens is an effective method of correcting an overbite and other dental issues

An overbite can cause pain and discomfort while eating or speaking. Treating this disorder with Invisalign for teens can take some time. The teeth should straighten as the overbite reduces. Working with your cosmetic dentist can help resolve this dental problem by the time your teen’s teeth align.

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