How a Root Canal Can Prevent an Emergency Dental Visit

Root Canal Treatment Grand Blanc, MI

Your dentist might have told you that you need a root canal. You might worry about getting a root canal and whether it will be effective. Your dentist will suggest you get a root canal if there is an infection inside of your tooth. Dentists do root canals to try to remove the infected material and allow the tooth to remain in place. Although root canals are a very common procedure, it might surprise you how important such a common procedure can be. Here is how a root canal can prevent an emergency dental visit.

What happens during a root canal

If the dentist finds an infected tooth, then a root canal is often the next step. The dentist may widen the damaged enamel, if necessary, to get to the inside of the tooth. Using special tools, the dentist removes infected tissue and then cleans and disinfects the area. There may be a gap after the dentist removes the infection. If that is the case, the dentist will inject a biocompatible substance into the space that will not react with the remaining tissue. Finally, the dentist seals off the area and places a filling or a crown to prevent reinfection.

Prevention is key

The dentist’s goal in performing a root canal is to stop the infection before it spreads further. If a patient does not opt for a root canal, the infection can worsen and spread into the bone. The infection will continue to progress, and patients can experience excruciating pain. The affected tooth could crack or become loose. Infection in the bone can also be very painful. Other nearby teeth can develop an infection as well, adding to the pain and discomfort.

Abscess and sepsis

The longer an infection goes untreated, the more difficult it becomes to treat. An infected tooth can lead to an abscess. When an abscess develops, the patient is often in incredible pain and will have to seek out emergency dental care for pain relief. If the patient does not seek treatment immediately for the abscess, the infection can spread further into the body. Eventually, the patient can develop sepsis. Sepsis is a potentially fatal side effect of out-of-control infection.

When an extraction is necessary

A tooth that goes untreated may become so infected that a root canal is no longer an option. If this happens, the dentist may have no other choice than to extract the tooth. The dentist and the patient will then have to discuss what type of tooth replacement to go with if the patient can afford it. Losing teeth as an adult can lead to loss of bone density. Losing bone density can cause the face’s shape to change permanently.

A root canal for your oral health

Your dentist wants to help you maintain optimal oral health for life. A root canal will help to clear out the infected tissue in your tooth and preserve the natural tooth. Your dentist’s goal is to preserve your smile and health all in one procedure. A root canal now can alleviate your tooth pain and prevent you from having to make an emergency dental visit later.

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