Dental Implants Retained Dentures for Missing Teeth Replacement

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Replacing your missing teeth with dentures retained by dental implants will be worth it. Using removable dentures will only result in embarrassment, frustration, and pain. Implant-retained dentures stay in place and enhance your self-esteem. If you want to know how dentures with the support of dental implants can replace your missing teeth, here are the details.

What implant-retained dentures are

Dental implants keep dentures in place. The titanium foundations in the jawbone are better than relying on adjacent teeth for support. These restorations have more stability. Each dental arch needs two to four dental implants to hold an entire full-arch denture. More implants mean more strength and support.

The first consultation

The patient will go through a thorough dental examination. The cosmetic dentist will review the patient’s dental and medical histories. Dental X-rays, 3D scans, and even a CT scan can provide valuable information for creating dental impressions. The imaging tests will help the dentist determine the location and the number of dental replacements.

The initial surgery

Giving the patient the right sedative will happen first. Once it takes effect, the dentist will cut through the gum tissue. Drilling the implant holes will be next. The dentist will place the titanium rods in the holes and stitch back the gum tissue over the rods. This will help with the healing and fusion of the rods with the jawbone. Osseointegration will take place for four to six months.

The second surgery

The dentist will order a dental X-ray to see if the implants have fused with the jawbone. If the osseointegration is complete, the dentist will cut through the gum tissue on top of the implants. The incisions will expose the posts. The dentist will then attach the abutments, and it will take about two weeks for the gums to heal. The impressions of the abutments will help in creating the patient’s custom-fit teeth.


This is when the titanium connectors will go on the dental implants. The dentist will then place the artificial teeth on the abutments. This will allow the dentist to make adjustments if necessary. The lab will process the artificial teeth and send them back to the dentist. The dentist will then attach the custom-fit dentures to the abutments. Going home will be possible for the patient once the dentist confirms the secure and comfortable fit.

The benefits

Once osseointegration completes, the patient will gain durability in the dental restorations. The lower jaw often takes four to six months to fuse, while the upper jaw takes five to six months to do so. Getting implant-supported dentures can give you durable dental replacements in a shorter period with less intrusion. It is healthier to have about four to six implants support full arch dentures than have an implant for each missing tooth.

The patient gains a natural appearance. These restorations blend well with the neighboring teeth and gums. The dentist will work with the dental lab to match the artificial teeth with the patient’s natural teeth. The stability of these implant-supported dentures provides more comfort in eating and speaking. The titanium rods stimulate the jawbone for tissue repair and growth.

Having implant-supported dental implants provides more stability than traditional dentures

Removable dentures loosen over time. This can be painful, stressful, and embarrassing. Dental implants can support dentures and provide more stability when replacing missing teeth. You will not need to feel frustrated and shy when socializing, smiling, or eating in public. Seeing your cosmetic dentist for these restorations can help improve your self-esteem and quality of life.

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