Can Dentures Improve Your Smile?

Dentures And Partial Dentures Grand Blanc, MI

Dentures are tooth prosthetics comprising artificial teeth fixed to a gum-looking base. Depending on the number of lost teeth, patients can get either partial or full dentures. Partial dentures replace a few missing teeth, while full dentures are recommended for those who have lost most or all their teeth. Continue reading to know how dentures can improve your smile.

An overview of dentures

Dentures are created from hard resin material and are highly durable. The teeth rest on an acrylic base or flexible polymer material that fits along the gumline to stay intact and comfortable in the mouth. Those who have experienced significant tooth loss may struggle with social interactions because their smile's appearance is less than appealing. It is also harder to eat certain meals. Getting dentures can restore the smile and normal dental functions.

The benefits of choosing dentures

Dentures are custom-made for patients and are removable. Although it might take a while to adjust to having dentures because they do not feel exactly like natural teeth, newer dentures look more natural and are comfortable to wear. Replacing lost teeth with dentures improves the smile, but the overall benefits go beyond aesthetics alone.

With several missing teeth and no replacements, the patient's facial muscles may start to sag, causing the person to look older. If the natural teeth were discolored, weakened, damaged, or broken, getting dentures allows patients to get the look of their original teeth without incurring more expenses. Other teeth replacement options are available, but it is advisable to choose practical yet cost-effective options.

Before experiencing tooth loss or undergoing a compulsory tooth extraction, many patients often have to deal with painful teeth and gums due to infection and other oral illnesses. However, after the teeth are removed and replaced with dentures, the patient will no longer have to deal with the pain of having unhealthy teeth. Dentures are also easier to maintain; wearers can clean them like natural teeth and store them in a cleaning solution when not in use.

Finally, dentures restore one's confidence, especially in social gatherings. Bad dentition can make people hide their smiles or talk less in public. A good-fitting denture allows patients to eat their favorite meals once again.

Maintaining dentures

Denture maintenance is simple. Patients need to brush the dentures daily to remove food debris and plaque. This helps prevent stains and keeps the oral cavity healthy. Special brushes are available for cleaning dentures, although a soft-bristled toothbrush can also do the job. Home oral hygiene is also important; the tongue, gums, and palates still need cleaning.

Routine appointments with the dentist are crucial. These allow the dentist to examine the mouth and the denture fitting. If the dentures have begun to slip and no longer fit comfortably, the dentist may recommend relining or replacing them.

In conclusion

If you are ready to get your smile back, consider getting dentures. To know if dentures are the best choice for you, schedule a consultation with the dentist.

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