Can a Smile Makeover Improve Dental Health?

Smile Makeover Grand Blanc, MI

The popularity of cosmetic dentistry is soaring as procedures become more widely available and more affordable. Getting a smile makeover can improve anyone’s confidence in their appearance, but did you know that these procedures can also be good for your oral health?

The connection between a good smile and good health

While there is no doubt that a new smile can improve a patient’s overall satisfaction with life, a good smile can affect many other parts of the body as well. Tooth decay and infections can be prevented through cosmetic procedures such as crowns or bonds. Nutrition is another factor that is affected by a number of smile makeover procedures. Mouth pain or lost teeth from untreated tooth damage can encourage poor eating habits as many patients cannot eat tougher, healthier foods such as meat or vegetables. Patients can experience these benefits as well.

Decay prevention

Chipped or broken teeth are a common reason a patient seeks a smile makeover. In addition to fixing an imperfect smile, treating these issues can improve overall mouth health and stop further damage from teeth grinding (bruxism) or sensitivities. Consider bonding, crowns, and veneers as additional support for weak teeth that may be easily damaged. They can even prevent cavities from reaching the delicate pulp and nerve inside the tooth.

 Motivation for better hygiene

The psychological effect of poor oral aesthetics can reach all areas of a patient’s life, including oral hygiene. After a smile makeover, the pride patients feel with the new smile can encourage better hygiene. Completing treatment with invisible aligners or other orthodontic procedures may encourage better brushing and flossing techniques. Others may think twice about coffee consumption after teeth whitening procedures.

Better brushing and flossing

Having a proper bite is an important factor in speech and digestion. There is an increased risk for cavities if a patient leaves a crooked smile unchecked, as crowded teeth are more difficult to brush. Flossing can be nearly impossible with teeth too crowded to fit even waxed floss. Nerve and muscle pain is also common for patients with bite problems, encouraging patients to change nutrition habits and abuse over-the-counter pain relievers to prevent pain. Procedures such as dental implants, tooth reshaping, and aligner trays can improve alignment through a smile makeover.

Improved jaw health

Dental implants do more than simply give someone a nicer smile. The introduction of titanium rods to simulate the root of an adult tooth promotes stability and encourages healthy bone growth. When a patient loses a tooth, the hole left by the root may fill in unevenly or not at all, leaving a weak spot in the jaw. These weak spots can cause the bone to atrophy, especially in cases of patients with long-term denture usage, leading to facial collapse as the bone recedes.


While there are many cosmetic reasons to get a smile makeover, it can also play a crucial role in a patient’s oral and overall health. Committing to a better smile is just the first step.

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