Benefits of Invisalign for Teens for Teeth Straightening

Invisalign For Teens Grand Blanc, MI

Invisalign® for teens can correct orthodontic issues without scratches and punctures. This advanced dental straightening system can bring many more benefits. Using these clear aligners can improve your teen’s appearance. It can improve dental health as well. If you want to know how Invisalign for teens can strengthen teeth, here are the details.

Stops teeth from loosening

Crooked teeth tend to bump into each other. Constant trauma loosens the teeth. This then causes dental shifting. Loosening teeth can lead to tooth loss and gum disease. Both of which can happen at the same time.

Custom-fit clear aligners can preserve teeth and stop teeth from loosening. The cosmetic dentist will use 3D scanners and dental X-rays to capture the dimensions of the dental arches. Sending these impressions to the Invisalign lab will result in aligners that hug the teeth. This secures each tooth in place. Invisalign for teens will also prevent teeth from bumping each other while going through teeth straightening.

Helps treat gum disease

Periodontitis is a slow, silent killer. It deteriorates the gums and loosens teeth. The infection will go deeper until it reaches the jawbone. This will remove the foundations of each tooth. Eventually, teeth will start to fall out. The teen will then prepare for dental implant surgery, removable dentures, or bridges.

Invisalign for teens can help stop gum disease from worsening. The aligners can help decrease the depth of the periodontal pockets. These devices can also promote jawbone growth. Aligning teeth can strengthen gums, jawbone, and teeth.

Stops jaw clenching and teeth grinding

Misaligned teeth in the upper and lower dental arches do not match with each other. This results in teeth grinding or bruxism. This can worsen if the teen is suffering from stress and anxiety. The rubbing motion wears down the enamel, which is the tough protective layer of teeth. Once the enamel deteriorates, the affected teeth will be prone to abscesses, infections, and tooth loss.

Invisalign for teens can strengthen and straighten teeth at the same time. Wearing clear aligners can protect teeth from the damaging grinding action. The trays protect the enamel layer and reduce pain. Invisalign can decrease the level of neck, jaw, and face pain.

Enhances the bite

Bite problems can make it difficult to speak or chew. These issues can lead to more mobility in teeth and other dental health problems. Invisalign for teens can treat bite issues if misalignment is the cause of it. The clear aligners will push the teeth into place. This will then make the jaw rest in a natural manner.

Reduces abfraction lesions

These lesions result from teeth grinding and bite problems. Abfraction lesions appear along the gumline. They are triangle-shaped along the end of the gumline. These lesions form because the forces of biting and grinding go against the cementum layer of teeth. The cementum then deteriorates. The top of the tooth then appears more rounded.

If the cementum continues to degrade, the teeth will start to break. Getting Invisalign for teens can provide a protective layer around teeth, including the cementum layer. This device can even stop the progress of dental damage. The repairable teeth should receive treatment. Damaged cementum cannot recover by itself anymore.

Invisalign for teens can align, protect, and strengthen teeth

Clear aligners are custom-fit. They hug the dental arches well. The strong plastic material acts as a barrier between the stresses of teeth grinding and the enamel. Invisalign for teens prevents dental damage. This protects the teeth from further damage. It can even prevent future dental degradation.

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