3 Benefits of Clear Aligners for Straightening Teeth

Clear Aligners Grand Blanc, MI

Everyone desires a well-aligned smile, and thanks to teeth straightening options like clear aligners, that dream can be a reality. When you have crooked, crowded or distorted teeth, you may want to avoid smiling altogether. For this reason, you may start seeking ways to make your teeth straight. Clear aligners are transparent trays worn over the teeth to move them gradually.

The benefits of clear aligners

Aligner trays work on similar principles as traditional braces, but without the brackets and wires. Clear aligners have several benefits, including the following.

Aligners are comfortable to wear

A major difference between aligners and braces is that aligners are not fixed to the teeth. This feature makes them comfortable to use. There are not any wires and brackets that could hurt the mouth's soft tissues, so patients only need to slip the aligner trays over the teeth. Although patients have to wear their aligners for 22 hours a day, they get to take them off for two hours while attending to basic oral hygiene needs or eating. Furthermore, aligners don't tend to hurt as much as braces might.

Aligners are removable

If a patient gets an emergency interview or a major presentation at work, they can take their aligners out. Clear aligners provide a degree of flexibility that may not be possible with braces. As long as the patient remembers to put them back on afterward, they can brush their teeth normally and still enjoy their favorite meals. Since the aligners are removable, patients can continue their regular dental care routines without fear of damage or oral infections.

Aligners help the patient stay clean because it is easy to clean the teeth and gums during treatment. Flossing is also possible. The same cannot be said about braces, because if patients slack on cleaning their teeth meticulously (between the wires and brackets), the development of dental cavities may be inevitable.

They are invisible

This is probably the most apparent advantage of clear aligners. It will be hard for other people to spot aligners on the teeth. Therefore, patients are not deterred from socializing. Teenagers who tend to be socially conscious will appreciate this feature. 

Having to wear braces for several months could impede self-confidence. Research shows that teens wearing aligners are likely to have better self-esteem compared to teens with metal braces. Aligners do not tend to have the same negative impact on facial appearance. For adults, a big smile can make one appear more competent, regardless of where they work.

Bottom line

If you are ready to straighten your teeth, you should pay a visit to the dentist's office to learn more about aligner treatment. Aligners could help curtail unhealthy eating habits because they have to be on for most of the day. Your dentist will help determine the type of aligner that works best for your teeth. Clear aligners require a commitment on the part of the patient to get outstanding results.

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